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Egg wash

An egg wash is made by combining a beaten egg with a little milk or water and is brushed over the dough before baking.
Hi and welcome to Huey’s Cooking Club.

Iain Hewitson

Our new season begins on 16 March with a terrific week on the Eyre and Yorke Peninsulas in SA – wow, the sheer freshness of the seafood is unbelievable! Apart from that, we are looking forward to trips to New Caledonia, Norfolk Island and many other Aussie destinations, as well as hopefully even further a field.

But, the main excitement around the camp is centred on our new website, which will premiere with the new shows. You will still have access to thousands of my recipes, including an ever growing number with video footage. There will also be many new sections, including the opportunity to create your own profile and Charlotte’s Kitchen, a section dedicated to kids’ recipes and more. Plus, in time, there will be a Food Forum, where you can get involved on line with other cooking enthusiasts. And, that’s just a little to whet your appetite!

A few pointers … our new web address will be starting 16 March and there will be no access the weekend before while we get it all organised. If you have any problems, please contact us on

Last but not least, we’d really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions of things that you would like to see included on the site. Also, existing membership arrangements will obviously continue as before.

Cheers, Huey

ps. Of course, signed copies of all my books are available and stay tuned for new products to be available soon.

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So, if you are stuck for an idea for tonight’s meal, a lavish dinner party or even just a snack, none of these will ever be a problem again. Because, now you can instantly access thousands of recipes, each in Huey’s inimitable, easy style (and with individual photos to boot).

And that’s not all. (No, we’re not offering you a set of steak knives.) Huey’s Cooking Club will also feature articles, reviews and info on everything from favourite destinations, food and wine events and festivals and anything else that we think could be of interest to any foodie.

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